Thursday, March 2, 2023

My Best Friend

Before I begin with Malcolm & Angus’ blog, I have to tell Olly’s story. Olly is/was my yellow Labrador who is no longer with me. After a very short five years of life, I had to put him down. September 10th 2021. Olly was the runt of the litter and the only yellow/white pup in the bunch. He was born of a chocolate and black lab mother and father.

In November of 2017, my then wife, decided that we needed a puppy in our lives. Although, I was on board with having a puppy, I insisted that we have a discussion prior to bringing a life into our home. I wanted to discuss simple things such as training techniques, food options and the like. I felt these were important subjects because I never owned my own pet. Most of the animals in my life were outdoor animals that were owned and primarily taken care of by my father. So, I was reluctant on taken on additional responsibilities without having a game plan.

Regardless of my feelings on the subject, my wife surprised me with a brand-new puppy. Despite my reservations I quickly fell in love with the furry snowball. My now ex-wife argued that I loved Olly more than I loved her. I would imagine that some of her concerns were true. The evidence is in the fact that she is now my ex-wife.

Olly was very special, while I have no proof other that the veterinarian receipts collected over his very short life. He was special and plagued with complications. Physically, he was healthy, however he displayed peculiar behaviors that to me (a novice dog owner at the time), were not normal. One of the signs that concerned me was that Olly had what I only can describe as a thousand-mile stare which was coupled with a very slight head shake. Which to me now, I recognize as mild seizures. Among other issues included poor eye sight, poor hearing and what ultimately in Olly’s veterinarian’s opinion was a mild case of cerebral hyperplasia.

Despite all his ailments I loved him he was my puppy. And I wanted to provide him the best life he could have. Although all of my best efforts couldn’t cure my baby boy. On September 10, 2021. I had to put Olly to sleep. One of the most devastating decisions I made as his doggy dad. The previous evening neither of us got much sleep. He was suffering from seizures all night the medications provided the
week before did little to nothing to calm his seizers. At 10:30 AM, we took our final trip to the vet’s office. As I reflect back, I cannot describe the remorse and sadness I feel when describing the last few hours with him. I miss my buddy.

In the short five years Olly was in my life he taught me what it is to be a better human being. I truly believe that dogs are a gift form the almighty. There is no greater display of unconditional love and loyalty to man that a dog brings. I love you buddy, and I miss you.

Malcolm and Angus’ site is dedicated to you.

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