Monday, March 6, 2023



Angus again another sweet puppy, enjoys learning and definitely has an outgoing personality. I returned to Boise the following week to pick Malcolm’s brother, Angus in one weeks time he had grown. Unlike Malcolm, he is tall and lanky much thinner in stature. After returning home he had his brother waiting for him. Again, I introduced Angus to the back yard, after the flight I didn’t expect much, I knew that after being in airplane Angus would be a bit timid. However, Malcolm was all too excited.

Angus, is smart almost too smart, much like his brother. I’ve made an interesting observation though much like human children they learn differently. For example, where Malcolm is quiet and enjoys the solitude of his crate, Angus prefers whining for a bit before settling in. Where as Angus is comfortable walking to the back door and barking when he needs to go, Malcolm, is comfortable peeing in any random spot in the house, despite my best efforts to convince Malcolm otherwise. 🤦‍♂️

They both learned sit quickly, lay down was a bit of a challenge, Malcolm exceeds at shake where is Angus is struggling. He’ll get it. I began with a house line, to get them used to being tethered to something. In addition it helps me get control of them when they want to play keep away. They are labs so these guys can find trouble anywhere. I think the biggest part of this journey isn’t what they can learn from me but what these beautiful boys can teach me.

Specifically in the patients department, my experience with their brother Olly -- I had no idea what to expect. I made every possible mistake one can imagine with Olly. However, Olly’s teachings have carried forward. I only raised my voice once at Malcolm & Angus. In my defense sleep deprivation was involved. For some reason both the boys decide this particular evening that they would both whine and howl into the wee hours of the morning. Allow me to back up for a moment, I was taking these guys out to potty every 60 to 90 minutes for several days straight. So I was reaching the brink of insanity – I’m being dramatic. However, I had just about had enough of their shenanigans, and of course I’m a sucker for cute puppy faces I wasn't sure if I was being too mean. Of course these are my human feelings, because these guys are master manipulators and they know they have dad wrapped around their paws.

In a coordinated effort they chose to push it, and simply I barked back. Totally, natural I would loose my sh*t! Again, remembering the teachings of Olly, I realized that blowing a gasket, is not the way to handle pups. I quickly realized that more training and establishing a routine is key. The process is slow, however I am having great success (not like I’m a master trainer success), but small wins like watching Angus crawl into his crate to take a nap success, placing them in the crate at night, and getting six hours of straight sleep. Small wins! Situations are different in my life today, I have no outside stressors that the boys can sense, life for me is good and I both Malcolm & Angus are benefiting from it.

Puppy training much like life its not a destination its the trip that counts. Of course I’ll continue to make my mistakes, its human to fail (first attempt in learning). However, I am enjoying the process. I am going to attempt to slip in some videos in this blog as well. I would love to hear from folks regarding this blog, I’d really love to know what your process has been like.

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