Sunday, March 5, 2023


As mentioned in a previous post, in September 2021 My boy Olly and I took our final trip to the vet.
One of the most difficult choices I had to make in my life. Getting a divorce was easier than the events that took place that particular day. During the year that followed I wrestled with every other scenario/choice second guessing my decision, what if there was one more vet visit -- maybe I missed a potential medication? I was alone in my thoughts so I had to do something different. I traveled to various locations throughout the country visiting new cities I'd never been. While all those experiences were great, I still came home to an empty house and no wagging tail.

In early December my sister called, and asked if I would be interested in a puppy. She understood what Olly meant to me -- and mentioned that a friend of a friend was fostering a pregnant yellow Labrador retriever named Lilly. She explained to me that Lilly had been rescued and gave birth to a litter of ten pups. And, continued to ask if I would be interested in adopting a puppy and she could put me in contact with the foster mom. I agreed that it would be a great idea. I reached out to Meagan who was fostering for the Pet Rescue in Boise, Idaho. Phone calls were made, people were contacted, conversations were had, and a deposit was sent for two pups out of the litter.

Now I know what your thinking "two pups" are you insane? Flash back to child development class
1998, high school, I adopted to bags of flour for the home economics class and named them Malcolm and Angus. The two bags of flour represented children we were required to simulate child rearing -- it was a fun class. I enjoyed the experience and if you hadn't guessed by now, the simulated children were named Malcolm & Angus. After the AC/DC founders Malcolm and Angus Young. Fast forward to 2022. I adopted Malcom & Angus to be part of my home. Due to logistics I couldn't bring both pups home at the same time.

January 28th, I met my boys Malcolm and Angus, and shuttled Malcolm back to California separating him from his brother at least in the short term. Malcolm was the biggest one in the litter, definitely a big eater. When he sprawls out he looks like a stuffed sausage 🤣. He has a really mellow vibe sweet temperament, much like a stoner that is enjoying the creature comforts of a good buzz. Droopy eyes and the sweetest puppy face, reminds me a lot like his older brother Olly. The trip was good, we arrived home and I introduced Malcom to the back yard. He was shell shocked to say the least, timid and unsure of his new home. After some coaxing he left the security of his travel crate and began sniffing around.

Make no mistake, his mild demeanor is no reflection of the brains on this kid, he is smart. Immediately we began obedience training simple tasks like sitting and responding to sit prior to entering and exiting doors. I still consider myself a novice doggy dad. So I don't have training techniques down yet. I subscribe to a lot of content providers that are a huge help. So training for the little genius is going slower that he would like, at the very least he recognizes his name and sits on command. However, come, leave it, shake are works in progress. (Mostly because of me). Potty training and going out side he is really good too! But he is a ninja pee'er, In the evenings and through out the night he empties well. Its during the day, that he likes to mess with dad. I'll take him outside, he'll empty his bladder (or so I think) than as soon as we walk in the door to the house he'll sneak off and pee in some random location. I think he finds it entertaining to play with the paper towels as I'm cleaning up after him. Stinker!! 

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